Jana Pokorná

Thermographic examination of finger innervation of the upper limbs of children

Školitel: Vladan Bernard

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of medicine

Obor: Medical Biophysics


O mém projektu

The project “Thermographic examination of finger innervation of the upper limbs of children” deals with the possibility of contactless thermographic examination of children who are suffering from the damage of nervus ulnaris with consequence of reduced finger mobility on their hands. You can find theoretical overview on this problem as well as practical proposal of thermographic examination in this paper. My aim is to make study of usability of thermographic technique in this case as it the possible way to make better diagnose using non-invasive technique which is very comfortable especially for small patients. There is described the way of collecting enough image data as well as the intention of development of the software for processing and evaluating thermographic images. As I am interested in field of thermal imaging in medicine for long time, I will not start from the very beginning, but I will continue in the work that I have started during the research for my master thesis that was related to my doctoral thesis as well as to this project.