Pavlína Kosečková

Contaminants in food as a risk factor in public health

Školitel: RNDr. Ondřej Zvěřina Ph.D.

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine

Obor: Hygiene, preventive medicine and epidemiology


O mém projektu

Heavy metals found as an environmental contaminant, both through natural occurrence and human activities. Food is significant source of heavy metals to human exposure. It's well known that soybeans can receive high amounts of heavy metals from soil and accumulate them. By excessive consumption of soy foods, vegetarians and vegans can be more burdened by heavy metals from these foods than individuals who eat in a non-alternative way. Regular intake of heavy metals can lead to their long-term accumulation in the human body before its toxic effects begin to manifest. In this project, there will be detected dietary cadmium and lead daily intake in vegetarianism and veganity as well as their intake does not exceed the safety limit of tolerable weekly intake. Methodology will be composed of investigate eating habits by semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire, weighing participants and collecting urine, laboratory measuring cadmium and lead content in food and in urine and statistical evaluation. Results of this project will be median dietary exposure to cadmium and lead for vegetarians and vegans and assessment the potential health risk of the intake.