Rashid Dallaev

Fluctuation mechanisms in piezoelectric MEMS based on AlN and ZnO

Školitel: Sedlák Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

Instituce: Brno University of Technology, The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication

Obor: Physical electronics and nanotechnology


O mém projektu

Trend in miniaturization, power efficiency and cost reduction of sensor technologies towards sensor fusion has markedly increased the demand for a new technology platform capable of delivering multiple sensing and wireless communication functionalities in a small footprint. Micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) may provide a huge impact, since they can be used for the implementation of miniaturized, high-performance sensors and wireless communication devices fully compatible with standard integrated circuitry. Aluminum nitride (AlN) possess physical properties desirable to NEMS/MEMS designers and researchers for piezoelectric and photonics applications. Compared to AlN, most of the piezoelectric thin film materials are not suitable for the direct integration into silicon-based MEMS devices, because of either incompatibility especially with standard CMOS fabrication processes or require tailored post deposition conditioning steps. The motivation of my work is expected to contribute to the development and integration of AlN-based MEMS at various fields of technology. The main objectives aim to identify significant fluctuation mechanisms in AlN-based piezoelectric MEMS as well as to optimize signal-to-noise ratio of these devices to optimize deposition technology with selection of suitable contacts.