Miroslav Homola

Structure and replication of marine algae virus EhV-86.

Školitel: Mgr. Pavel Plevka, Ph.D.

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Life sciencis - Structural biology


O mém projektu

This project is focused on the EhV-86 virus, which is diminishing Emiliania huxleyi population explosions. The marine alga E. huxleyi is worldwide distributed and influences the global climate. These algae absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and deposit this molecule in form of CaCO3 on the sea bottom. There are many knowledge gaps in this alga – virus interaction, which is actually affecting the climate on the Earth. This study is going to elucidate the EhV-86 virus structure and lifecycle inside the alga.