Anni Pyykönen

Vegetation diversity and ecology of Northern European boreal and hemi-boreal forests

Školitel: Milan Chytrý

Instituce: Masaryk University, Faculty of Science

Obor: Botany


O mém projektu

The biodiversity of boreal forests in Europe is endangered due to intensive silviculture, pollution and climate change. Inconveniently, there exists no unified vegetation classification of boreal forests in Europe, which complicates the communication between researchers and authorities of environmental institutions and hampers even the implementation of European Union Habitats Directive in member countries. The main goal of this research project is to create a unified vegetation classification system based on phytosociology for boreal and hemi-boreal forests of Northern Europe by revising earlier local or regional classification systems and analysing vegetation-plot data across the vegetation zone. Very little data is readily available from the region, so first, a representative database of boreal and hemi-boreal forests will be collected by requesting data from existing vegetation databases, research institutions, vegetation scientists and searching from literature. Species-diversity patterns and vegetation-environment relationships within the region will also be investigated with the database. Nature conservation in Europe demands a unified, broad-scale vegetation classification system. This project will take steps towards that goal. Creating a standard classification system will enable communication between countries, improve land-use management, and clarify legislation of the European Union Habitats Directive. Compiling and analysing the database of boreal forests in Europe will increase the understanding of vegetation patterns in the region. Thus, this project will serve both basic and applied research.