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The aim of the South Moravian Programme for Distinguished Researchers is to create research opportunities and to support scientific projects for top-researchers in the South Moravian Region. 

SoMoPro Programme is co-financed by the South Moravian Region and the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development - Marie Curie Actions. The Programme runs since 2009. In the 1st and the 2nd pilot calls the grants were divided between 6 Czech and 21 international researchers

In August 2012, SoMoPro II, the second phase of the programme started, offering two more calls for proposals. Within the 3rd Call 12 more scientits were granted support. The 4th Call results were released in December 2013. 

The programme is 60% financed by the Region of South Moravia and the remaining 40% is subject to EC support. The Programme is co-financed by Marie Curie Actions (COFUND) and represents a regional analogy to Marie Curie incoming and reintegration fellowships (IIF, IEF, CIG).

Characteristics of the programme

The aims of the SoMoPro:

1) Provide training and career development to researchers

2) Build on the growing activities in the field of R&D and innovation in the region of Southern Moravia.

SoMoPro supports research in science, medicine and technology. Research fields are chosen freely by the applicants. The financial contribution takes form of grants covering 100% of the eligible expenses



SoMoPro was a pilot programme planned for 4 years (2009 - 2013), its budget was 3.887.158 €.

SoMoPro II is implemented for 5 years (2012 - 2017), its overall budget is 4.766.562 €.

On 30th Septeber 2013 the last fellowship within SoMoPro programme was completed. Within the programme, the total of 668 man-months have been executed. 12 SoMoPro fellows have been offered permanent position/post-doc grants to continue their research careers in Brno. This corresponds with the aim of the programme - to attract outstanding researchers to the South Moravian Region.

The programme is administered by the South Moravian Centre for International Mobility (JCMM), which carries out all the application and evaluation procedures. The final approval of grants agreements is, however, fully in competence of The South Moravian Region, the Programme Coordinator. The programme is part of the Regional Innovation Strategy of South Moravian Region.


SoMoPro team

Barbora Postránecká, Michael Doležal, Jan Bogdan 


SoMoPro on a wave of good news!

SoMoPro on a wave of good news!

The spring wind has brought to the SoMoPro a number of good news, and we are happy to share them with you...

8. 4. 2015 Brno Ph.D. talent, SOČ, scientists

TEDxBrno - SoMoPro invites you to join the TEDxBrno 2014 event!

TEDxBrno - SoMoPro invites yo...

Come to enjoy the TEDxBrno 2014 event on June 28, 2014 in the inspirative premises of Reduta theatre...

14. 5. 2014 PPNS, Brno Ph.D. talent,

SoMoPro 4th Call results released

SoMoPro 4th Call result...

We are glad to announce that on the Programme's webpage the final result of the SoMoPro 4th Call wer...

17. 12. 2013 Brno Ph.D. talent, scientists, SoMoPro


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