South Moravian Centre for International Mobility belongs to the European Services Network - EURAXESS - with more than 200 Services Centres in 35 European countries.

South Moravian Centre for International Mobility is one of the two EURAXESS Service Centres in Czech Republic.

Currently there are alltogether 10 regional contact points and three service centres (in Prague, Brno and Ostrava).

The Czech Services Centre together with its Local Contact Points (LCPs) offer:
  • information about jobs and funding opportunities in the Czech Republic,
  • advice on 'reintegration' of researchers in their home country,
  • help with entry conditions, i.e. visas and other legal requirements,
  • information and advice on social security, health care - how to ensure adequate social  security, health and pension coverage,
  • assistance in understanding taxation issues, insurance possibilities
  • information and assistance on everyday life matters in the Czech Republic, i.e. housing, language courses, cultural activities,
  • family support - practical and legal assistance for researchers and their family members, i.e. schooling, child care

The centre cooperates also with governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations (i.e. MEYS, Ministry of Finance, Employment and Social Issues, Foreign Police Office, Czech Social Security Administration, etc.). 
All our services (except the leisure activities) are FREE OF CHARGE.

We are connecting students, teachers, scientists and those, who are willing to transfer their know-how and knowledge to other people.  


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