Application structure

Applicant′s CV

  • education and skills to address the proposed project
  • practical experience, internships, solved projects
  • accomplishments and awards

Scientific Project

  • objectives and innovation
  • theoretical framework, methods and techniques, references
  • timeline and key milestones
  • motivation for the project

Team and facilities

  • supervisor and consultants
  • institute/department and and collaborating institutions
  • other relevant information

Important: The whole application must be written in English and submitted in a single PDF file. The maximum length of the application is 12 pages in A4 format of your own text. For more detailed description of the application and the competition see the Guide for Applicants.

What kind of projects can succeed?

To give your project a chance to succeed, we recommend you to answer the following questions:

  • What defines a good project? Does my project fulfill these criteria?
  • Is my project meaningful and innovative?
  • Have I though out each part of the project carefully?
  • Is it written to attract our expert evaluators?
  • Can I explain the reasons why my project is worth funding?

The scholarship will be awarded to the top 25 applicants, who will best demonstrate to our expert committee the qualities of the proposed project. Other 10 finalists will be awarded title Brno Ph.D. Talent Finalist and will be accepted to the program of the career support.

The last step, which should be done before you start drafting you application, is to read carefully the Guide for Applicants.

That´s all folks. If you need more information, please contact us.

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