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  1. What is SoMoPro
  2. Budget and the Programme Structure
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  1. What is SoMoPro

SoMoPro, the South Moravian Program for Distinguished Researchers, is a grant programme co-financed by the South Moravian Region and European Commission. Through the programme we attract top-class scientists from abroad who want to collaborate with South Moravian research institutions on their projects in the field of technology, medicine and natural science for the period of 1-3 years.
Project topics are chosen freely by the applicants. SoMoPro also offers the opportunity for further education and career growth. The supported researchers will receive financial contribution for living allowance, research and educational activities, and as well a contribution to the costs associated with the relocation of the family members.

So far we have supported 62 researchers, chart 1 shows an overview of all applicants as well as fellowships:

Chart 1
  1st Call 2nd Call 3rd Call 4th Call 5th Call
Applicants 32 31 52 70 56
Eligible applicants 30 30 48 67 54
Fellowships 13 14 12 14 9


SOMOPRO IN ACTION – video about supported researchers working and living in Brno.


  1. Budget and the programme structure

SoMoPro is co-financed by the EU programme COFUND, Action Marie Curie and The South Moravian Region. It is administrated by our organization, South Moravian Centre for International Mobility.

SoMoPro has been operating since 2009 and the budget for the previous 4 calls added up to EUR 8 653 720. The budget for the upcoming SoMoPro 3 is EUR 3 875 000.  

  1. Statistics data

The first two generations of the programme have supported 53 scientists from 23 different countries. Majority comes from the Czech and Slovak Republic, as well as from India, Italy, France and other countries. Most researchers are employed at Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology. A detail overview can be found in the charts below:



The programme is part of the Regional Innovation Strategy of South Moravia (RIS), whose mission is to ensure the long-term development and prosperity of the region by increasing its international competitiveness.

Learn more about RIS at


South Moravia has a great potential in the fields of education, science and research. Brno has 6 public and 5 private universities and a wide range of research institutions. An overview of these institutions can be found in Brno Research Navigator.



We are connecting students, teachers, scientists and those, who are willing to transfer their know-how and knowledge to other people.  


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