We have supported 8 SoMoPro fellows in the 5th Call, their profiles will be published gradually as soon as the projects start.

I develop ceramic materials
for energy saving light sources.

Katarina Drdlíková

I develop biodegradable materials for tissue engineering.

Edgar B. Montufar

I work on automatic speaker recognition.

Johan Rohdin

I study plant hormon
influencing crops.

Sibu Simon

I play with nanomagnets.

Vojtěch Uhlíř

I study steroid molecules.

Ondřej Jurček

I utilise technologies for. active aging of seniors.

Steriani Elavsky

I develop advanced materials for gas storage.

Pezhman Zarabadi Poor

I strive to describe an enzyme important for early cancer recognition.

Jan Herudek

I develop bio-plastics from wine and coffe production waste.

Adriana Kovalčik

I improve immunotherapeutic tumor treatment.

Veronika Mančíková

I develop personalised immunotherapeutic cancer treatment.

Jana Procházková

I examine mechanisms that control plant development.

Markéta Šámalová

I want to deliver medicines into organism with use of light.

Peter Štacko

I am mapping development of cancer tumors.

Lucie Vaníčková



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