SOMOPRO fellows supported in the 3rd and 4th call

I develop microfabrication of lead free piezoceramic devices.

Hana Hughes

I study position estimation in UWB systems.

Aniruddha Chandra

I deal with antiviral and antitumour immunotherapy.

Andrea Knight

I deal with classification of European marsh vegetation.

Flavia Landucci

I prepare bioactive nanofibres by plasma technologies.

Anton Manakhov

I examine prenatal influences on precipitation of schizophrenia.

Vincenzo Micale

I examine the Yamabe Problem with impact on Neurogeometry.

Ivan Minchev

I evaluate human impact on ecosystems.

Luca Nizzetto

I analyze stars and star clusters in the Magellanic Clouds.

Ernst Paunzen

I examine development of plant seeds.

Heléne Robert-Boisivon

I deal with regulation of meiosis in plants.

Karel Říha

I examine chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Kristína Zápražná


I deal with visual localization in natural environments.

Martin Čadík

I study centrosome functions in differentiating cells.

Lukáš Čajánek

I deal with advanced computational methods.

Cina Foroutannejad

I determine structure of the human 14-3-3zeta.

Jozef Hritz

I analyse S/T kinases and cytokinin control of root growth.

Philip A. Jackson

I develop simulations of ultrasound wave propagation in human brain.

Jiří Jaroš

I develop MRI for earlier detection of Parkinson´s disease.

Amit Suresh Khairnar

I develop new methods of protein engineering.

Sérgio Manuel Marques

I focus on chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Marek Mráz

I focus on application of histopathology imaging and genomics in oncology.

Vlad Popovici

I study impact of organic lining materials of water pipes to the quality of water.

Johanna I. Rajasarkka

I target on the human genome.

Silvie Trantírková

I explore nanomaterials for advanced applications.

Stella Vallejos Vargas

I assess alien plant invasions in European vegetation.

Viktoria Wagner



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