SOMOPRO fellows supported in 1st and 2nd call

I examine cyanobacterial toxins.

Pavel Babica

I deal with regulation and function of P-TEFb complexes.

Dalibor Blažek

I study Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions.

Peter Bystrický

I focus on the oxidation control of TiAI intermetallics.

Jan Čížek

I deal with detector technology based on semiconductor materials.

Hassan Elhadidy

I fine-tune haloalkane dehalogenases by access tunnels re-engineering.

Artur Góra

I examine the Quantum Puzzle in High Energy Physics and Entanglement.

Beatrix C.Hiesmayr

I focus on sacharide-protein dispersion interactions.

Stanislav Kozmon

I study development of zygotic and somatic embryos in conifers.

Jana Krajňáková

I study cellular and molecular responses in sarcoma cell lines.

Miroslava Krzyžánková

I develop nanoparticle modified monolithic supports for bioanalysis.

Jana Křenková

I construct microorganisms applicable in the cleanup of contamined water.

Nagendra P.Kurumbang

I explore metabolic signaling and energy homeostasis in hESC.

Sergiy Kyrylenko

I deal with research in genetic cardiac diseases.

Albano Meli

I identify the plasma membrane of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Archana Mishra

I do synthesis of nanostructured materials for utilisation in micro- and nanodevices.

Alexander Mozalev

I study  Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition in Central Europe.

Ladislav Nejman

I seek novel agents that would be useful in the treatment of cancer.

Kamil Paruch

I clone Prdm9 and characterize its protein product.

Emil Parvanov

I study physical aspects of Quantum Information Theory.

Martin Plesch

I deal with automatic speech recognition.

Shakti Prasad Rath

I address an issue of the impairment of male reproductive health.

Iva Sovadinová

I elucidate the role of Neuronatin in human embryionic stem cells.

Yuh-Man Sun

I study rapid kinetics of human recombinational machinery.

Mario Špírek

I expand the higher-dimensional twistor theory in the language of parabolic geometries.

Arman Taghavi-Chabert

I study plant chromatin, its structure and function.

Edward Trifonov

I optimise thin film deposition for molecular electronic devices.

Ivaylo Zhivkov



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