The eligible host institution is a public research institution that is located (seat/residential address) and/or operated (e.g. at least through a permanent representation – branch, department etc.) in the region of South Moravia.

Only following public R&D organization can become the host institution in SoMoPro:

  1. Public universities conducting research and development under Act. No. 111/1998 Col., on Higher Education Institutions, as amended – e.g.:
  1. Public research institutions under Ac. No. 341/2005 Col, on public research institutions, as amended – e.g.:
  1. Other institutes of the academy of science which have a branch operating in the region of South Moravia:   
  1. Medical facilities conducting research and development founded by Ministry of Health:
  1. other public R&D organizations

Those that fulfil all conditions flowing from definition of research organization under sec. 2.2 letter d) of the Community framework for state aid for research and development and innovation (2006/C 323/01) – for details see the relevant Guide for Applicants.


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